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Just the bookkeeping solution i needed

I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl...

Billing and Invoicing Feature Set added!

Billing and Invoicing Feature Set added!

flowlog just got billing and invoicing features! View the full post to see what's included.


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Billing prerequisites

In order to use flowlog’s billing feature set there are a few prerequisites that we will be covering in this video.

First and foremost, yo...


Chart of accounts example

This is a Chart of Accounts example that is intended to demonstrate what might be needed for a small service business' books. In this case, a Sole Pro...

Create a new entry

Here we quickly demonstrate how to create a new entry in flowlog.

Errata: 2:45-2:51. Should have said "...the entry item that corresponds t...


Create a new set of books

Here we show how to create a new set of books in flowlog.

Create new accounts

In this video, we'll demonstrate a few examples for creating new accounts in flowlog.

Errata: bank account names should have contained the...


Customers and vendors

Lets get into what Customers and Vendors are in flowlog’s Billing section.

In short, a Customer refers to entities that pay you for ser...


How to get started with flowlog

In this video we’ll be covering the steps that are recommended for new members when getting started with flowlog. Initially covering the About flow...


Invoices and bills

Today I’m going to cover how to create an invoice/bill in flowlog


Before we get started, I would recommend wa...


Sales tax

Today I'm going to show how to use the sales tax feature for an invoice or bill in flowlog's billing feature set.

Enabling this feature make...