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Privacy Policy for


This notice describes our privacy policy ("Notice"). By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Notice.

Terms used in this notice: ("We", "Us") refers to and it's (possibly human) facilitators. ("You") means you or your browserly representative. ("Web Site") refers to the portion of that is available to the public without needing a user account. ("flowlog") refers to the accounting application portion of ("") refers to the whole application/web site at said domain and therefore includes both flowlog and the Web Site portions.


Section 1.01 -- Principles: We may gather and use information as follows:

(1) Notice: We may gather and use information as follows:

(a) Volunteered Information: We will receive and may store any information you enter on, or provide in any other way, that may personally identify you, solely as necessary to perform the functions you have requested and as may be included in a backup of server data. The most common example of this type of information would be info added to your user profile, data sent as part of a form submission, etc.

(b) Automatic Information: In order to correlate a page load, submitted form, and/or an user session with a particular visitor/browser, we utilize encrypted cookies. A Cookie is a small file that is stored by your web browser that, in this case, simply identifies your browser's session with or facilitates other small technical functions like whether your browser submitted a particular form in the last minute or not. does not use any tracking or advertiser cookies or scripts. Finally, the webserver software used by logs the requests made by browsers and we use goaccess to do basic analysis on those logs. This will include things like the browser user agent, what page was requested and the ip address the request came from. This information is not shared with anyone.

(c) Information Use: We may use information provided by you; to respond to your requests or form submissions; to improve your experience at; and to provide you with new information regarding your dealings with us.

We will not disclose information to third parties, except as required in the fulfillment of your requests or where determines it is required by (Constitutional) US law. Also, if you use's Autonomous Account Encryption feature, most data that would be of interest to attackers/investigators would be encrypted and unreadable. Please see the docs for exact details. If that still doesn't meet your privacy needs, you can choose to self-host flowlog, by becoming a annually supporting member. Third party service providers have their own privacy (and other) policies and flowlog is not responsible for their policies or their performance under those policies when providing services to you. Currently, we offer Paypal and Coinpayments as payment processors. Using either is at your discretion. However, if you choose to utilize any given third party service, you agree to hold harmless in any disputes that may arise involving said third parties.

Any form data submitted to us may become available in the public sections of immediately after such data is submitted. We also reserve the right to use any user form submissions to for promotional purposes and by submitting such data you agree that we may do so. Obviously, this only includes forms where any reasonable person would conclude that the data was intended for use in the public sections of the site, such as visitor/member testimonials. This does not include any data from "flowlog proper" (bookkeeping/accounting forms), for instance.

(2) Choice: You have the choice as to the type and amount of information we have, as follows:

(a) Volunteered Information: You can always choose not to provide certain information to The web site doesn't require any data from you for general browsing, but flowlog requires a username and email address, for user sessions, event notifications, password reset and possibly other technical reasons. Feel free to make the username and email as anonymous as you can. has no need to correlate your usage with your real identity.

(b) Automatic Information: The Web Site doesn't require cookies unless you want to submit a form. flowlog requires cookies for core functions, like your ability to log in/out. If you don't want your real ip address to appear in the webserver visitor logs, feel free to use a trustworthy VPN, like Private Internet Access.

(3) Access: You are in charge of your account and the information it contains. You may review and update your personal information by updating your flowlog profile. If you wish to remove all your data from flowlog you can simply stop paying the invoice. Your account will be deleted automatically after 1 month. This delay is to give people time to change their minds, fall behind, etc. without losing their bookkeeping/accounting data immediately. Please note that we cannot extract your data from our backups, but backups will be deleted after they become irrelevant due to age, currently one additional month.

(4) Security: We take your trust seriously and we want you to know what concrete steps we take to protect your private information. When you connect to our server and your browser establish an encrypted connection via our site-wide tls implementation that scores an "A+" when tested by Qualys SSL Labs. We also use encrypted cookies, only served via encrypted connection, to further ensure the security of your user session. doesn't email any data that one might consider "juicy", but will use an encrypted connection (>= tlsv1.2) when sending any email notifications. If Autonomous Account Encryption is enabled, key data stored in flowlog's database is encrypted using AES-256-CBC and only you have (permenantly store) the key. Please see the docs for more info. All server data backups are handled "in-house" and are transmitted securely when backing up from the datacenter. No third parties are involved in backup data storage. All this being said, despite our best efforts, we cannot completely guarantee that any electronic commerce, or other flowlog usage, is totally secure.

Section 2.01 -- Minors: We do not offer anything for minors. Registered users of should be adults as classified by their state. If a minor has provided with personal information, that minor's parent or guardian should gain control (change the password) of their child's user account and modify/delete any private data the child may have entered into

Section 3.01 -- Non US Citizens: We do not officially offer hosted services to non US Citizens, but if meets your needs and your legal jurisdiction's laws don't conflict with US law in regards to privacy, or anything else related to usage of, then you're welcome. While we wholeheartedly agree with strong privacy/data storage protections, as is evidenced by the measures we have taken to protect the privacy of flowlog users, will not be subjected to claims of EU authority, or be extorted into forced, obnoxious popups telling users that cookies "are a thing" or that they should read the PP/TOS. EU Citizens might consider self-hosting flowlog, instead of using the hosted flowlog service at

Section 4.01 -- Third Party Web Sites: Please be aware that may have links to third party web sites that may, if visited, collect personally identifiable information about you. When you click on one of these third party links, you are entering another web site for which we have no responsibility. This Notice does not cover the information practices or policies of such third party web sites.

Section 5.01 -- Agreement and Modification: By using and accessing you indicate that you have read and understand this Notice and you consent to the collection and use of information by us in the manner explained in this Notice. This Notice, including without limitation, provisions covering limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and the application of (Constitutional) US law govern any dispute over privacy. By using and accessing the Web Site you agree to indemnify us for any and all third party claims resulting from your breach of this Notice. If you do not accept this Notice, then we ask that you do not access and use We may revise this Notice at any time without notice by updating this Notice. Any modifications in the way we use personal information will be provided in future updates of this Notice, so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose such information. Modifications will be effective immediately and will be available on You should consider visiting this web page periodically to review the Notice. The user/visitor accepts any such modifications to this Notice by continued use of the Web Site after such modifications are made.