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Just the bookkeeping solution i needed

I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl... Ends Service for US Customers Ends Service for US Customers is ending service for US customers. This affects certain flowlog billing features....


About flowlog


flowlog is freedom and privacy-respecting, double entry bookkeeping and accounting Free Software with a focus on security, speed, flexibility, and ease of use. It is primarily intended for smaller organizations, but may be flexible enough for larger ones as well.

flowlog can be used at or can be self-hosted by anually supporting members, and is built with the Laravel PHP framework. It is ran and tested (on the server side) with Arch Linux, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP.

flowlog aims to stay simple, easy to use, lean and quick, while minimizing the application's attack surface as much as possible. Therefore, flowlog doesn't intend to ever be an "everything but the kitchen sink" kind of application, and is not intended to compete with any such existing applications. flowlog also tries to strike a balance between usability for the novice and flexibility and power for the expert.

flowlog is intended for freedom-valuing individuals who understand that freedom requires personal responsibility. In this vein, flowlog is completely self-support. There is no official flowlog support or support staff. Members are expected to use the site resources to learn how to use flowlog and/or to resolve any other issues. The intention is that members will help each other in the forum, after availing themselves of the primary resources, such as the screencasts and documentation. We're also appreciative of feedback from members and testers.

Finally, flowlog and depends on it's members' financial support for it's overall health. Please see the docs for more info, and welcome to flowlog/! Perhaps if we all work together, we can have a Free Software Bookkeeping/Accounting application that meets our needs for many years to come.