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Issue ID:  55

Issue Status:  resolved

Type:  feature

Priority:  normal

Title:  reports page data/info download feature


A nice feature to have for your books (specifically the reports page) is to have a way to easily download/save all the data found in balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow statement.

Opened by:  melrose

Opened On:  Nov. 27, 2018


Comment ID: 7
By: flowlogEntity
On: Nov. 27, 2018

it is intended for users to use their browser's print function (to print to paper or pdf), but i probably need to document this, especially b/c Firefox doesn't work that great. chromium prints these pages well.

Comment ID: 8
By: flowlogEntity
On: Nov. 27, 2018

this has been documented now so i'll close the issue. thanks for reporting.