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I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl... Ends Service for US Customers Ends Service for US Customers is ending service for US customers. This affects certain flowlog billing features....


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Issue ID:  262

Issue Status:  resolved

Type:  bug

Priority:  normal

Title:  500 error when trying to view equity statement in some circumstance


under investigation.

Opened by:  flowlogEntity

Opened On:  Jan. 7, 2021


Comment ID: 34
By: flowlogEntity
On: Jan. 7, 2021

capital_account is probably not set for the set of books and flowlog is evidently not checking for it and giving useful error.

Comment ID: 35
By: flowlogEntity
On: Jan. 8, 2021

if the user doesn't choose "auto book close" when creating their set of books, flowlog doesn't create their owner's equity accounts (capital and drawing) for them. Not having a capital account created/set was causing the error when trying to view the owner's equity statement report page and flowlog didn't handle the error and kick the user back with a useful message. This error handling is implemented now.

Thanks for testing! You helped us find two bugs we didn't know about. :)