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I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl... Ends Service for US Customers Ends Service for US Customers is ending service for US customers. This affects certain flowlog billing features....


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Issue ID:  218

Issue Status:  resolved

Type:  bug

Priority:  normal

Title:  recurring invoice/bill dates may get off over time


the way dates are calculated for the auto-generated/cloned invoices and bills stemming from recurring invoices/bill is suboptimal and will need to be reworked. For instance, invoices that recur monthly may get off by a day or two here or there, due to some months having fewer days, leap years, etc. and this not being handled fully. Users may wish to postpone using the recurring invoices/bills sub-feature until this issue is marked resolved if 100% accuracy to the day is necessary.

Opened by:  flowlogEntity

Opened On:  Sep. 11, 2020


Comment ID: 27
By: flowlogEntity
On: Sep. 23, 2020

this has been re-implemented and should be accurate now.