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Depreciable Assets Report now available

Depreciable Assets report now available to members. Please see the full post for further...



Members should be advised that when you use Autonomous Account Encryption not everything in the database gets encrypted. flowlog can't encrypt items in the database that it needs to read while searching for records in the database. So, for example, if flowlog needs to find all entry items that belong to $entry with ID 7, the entry items' "parent_id" property can't be encrypted or flowlog can't read it to do it's search. This is a technical reality that is unavoidable. flowlog also doesn't bother encrypting things which are not valuable from a data miner's perspective, as this just wastes cpu resources, which slows the site down.

This shouldn't be a problem for members' privacy though, as all the juicy data is still encrypted. For instance, if an attacker got a copy of the database they could see that an entry item belonged to an entry and that the entry belonged to an account, but they can't read the name of the account, the account's code, the notes/descriptions for the accounts or entry items, nor the dollar amounts for the entry or the individual entry items. It's just a connection between anonymized data. Please see the list below to see what gets encrypted and what doesn't so you can understand how it effects your privacy.


Encrypted: name, code, notes
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans and opening balance.


Encrypted: name
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans.


Encrypted: none
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans, name and help info.


Encrypted: debit total, credit total
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, and booleans.

Entry Items

Encrypted: amount, description, expected sale price, accumulated depreciation.
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans and whether it was a debit or credit.


Encrypted: none
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans, code, name and help info.


Encrypted: first name, middle name, and last name.
Not Encrypted: IDs, dates, booleans, username, email address and icon image filename.