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Just the bookkeeping solution i needed

I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl... Ends Service for US Customers Ends Service for US Customers is ending service for US customers. This affects certain flowlog billing features....


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The support->issues section of is a light weight issues tracker for flowlog members to use to report bugs or request features for flowlog or It is not meant to be used as a support forum, a chat board or anything along those lines. It is a tool to be used by flowlog developers, supporting members and the general public to keep track of development progress. Creating, editing and/or commenting on issues is restricted to flowlog devs and supporting members and is considered a privilege of membership.

What constitutes a bug?

A bug is a defect with an existing feature or function of flowlog or If the application is obviously supposed to work a certain way, but it doesn't perform as expected; or you get an error, it may be a bug. If the application works one way and you want it (or expected it) to work a different way but the application didn't mislead you, it might not be a bug. It might just be an unimplemented feature. If you find a security related issue, please use the feedback form to report it instead of the issues tracker.

When should i submit a Feature Request instead?

A feature request can be created for anything you wish or flowlog could do that it doesn't do now. Feature requests are also appreciated for suggestions for better ways to do things. These can be technical in nature, aesthetic, improvements in user friendliness/intuitiveness, improvements to documentation or anything you think would make flowlog or better. We would ask that you try to stay within our stated design goals for flowlog or please try not to be offended if your FR is rejected due to it being out of scope.

Why isn't my issue more important to flowlog devs?

Please take issue priority status with a grain of salt. Just because an issue is marked 'low' or 'normal' priority instead of 'critical' doesn't mean it isn't important in any way. Priority can be set the way it is for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a 'low' priority is just because some other issue has to be solved prior to your issue being solved. The issue tracker doesn't currently have built-in issue dependency tracking, so it may or may not be manually mentioned in the issue info. Some issues may be 'low' or 'normal' based on whether they block something else a dev is working on. It may have nothing to do with how nice it would be to have your requested feature, for instance, and a dev may be working on it as we speak. Conversely, just because a bug is marked 'critical' doesn't mean it will make your computer explode. It may just mean that it is blocking other work and needs to be fixed ASAP. Finally, please be advised that asking about when something will be fixed/implemented is considered bad etiquette in most cases, and may slow development down by way of distractions.