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Just the bookkeeping solution i needed

I've been needing to keep up with my personal finances, but i never got around to it until trying fl... Ends Service for US Customers Ends Service for US Customers is ending service for US customers. This affects certain flowlog billing features....


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flowlog and's development and sustainability depends on the voluntary funding from members. membership funds are used for hosting costs, development time for bug fixes and accepted feature requests, and other hosting software and hosting hardware. We also ask that anyone who wishes to setup an on-premises instance of flowlog (as opposed to using the hosted instance), or just wants a copy of the source code, becomes an annually supporting member of This will allow full access to the AGPL-licensed flowlog source code, necessary to deploy on-premises/self host. Any membership contributions to should be considered non tax deductable donations/gifts, and are not eligible to be refunded for any reason. At any time you are dissatified with flowlog/, simply withhold future funding and/or stop using If that happens, we would appreciate any constructive criticism via our feedback form.

Thank you for your support. This helps ensure the health and sustainability of the project.