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Statement of Owner's Equity added to flowlog

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  • statement of owners equity

The Statement of Owner's Equity shows changes to Owner's Capital over a reporting period and is considered to be one of the basic four financial statements.

flowlog's Owner's Equity Statement starts with the Owner's Capital at the beginning of the reporting period (the current fiscal year to date, by default), adds additional capital contributions, the net income over the period, balances that, then deducts Owner's Drawing and provides a final balance for the period. It also allows the user to enter in a custom date range for the period and generate a custom report.

Some data is duplicate of other reports, but the Owner's Equity Statement goes into a little more detail, and just addresses owner's equity, which allows the user to get a good understanding of what has been happening with the Owner's Equity over the period, with a quick glance.

This is currently only available for sole proprietorships, though a Statement of Stockholder's Equity/Retained Earnings (for corporations) could be added in the future if it was deemed necessary.

We hope you find this new report useful!

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Originally Posted 5 years ago
Last updated 5 years ago