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flowlog is in alpha testing!

flowlog is in alpha testing! and are in their alpha testing state. This means they are in an somewhat early state of development, but are far enough along that they can be tested for production use with the expectation that there will be plenty of bugs to find and fix, as well as possible design flaws or critical functionality missing, even in the desired preliminary feature set.

This stage of testing will probably not be accepting public testers, but will probably use associate testers to keep things somewhat controlled and predictable. This stage of testing will run for an undetermined amount of time, based on how much associate testing activity we receive or how much patience we have. If activity is too low, we may seek public testers even for this stage but we don't expect to do that as of now.

After the alpha testing phase is over, we expect to start a public beta testing phase, where we would love your help.

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Originally Posted 5 years ago
Last updated 5 years ago