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Billing and Invoicing Feature Set added!

  • billing features
  • create bill
  • create invoice
  • customers list
  • view invoice admin

Billing, Invoicing, Vendors, Customers, online payment and automation sub-features have been added to flowlog!

Customers, Vendors, Invoices, and Bills are collectively known as 'Billing' in flowlog and represent an optional set of features designed to increase productivity, convenience and clarity of the relationship between real world business relationships and financial data.

Customers: the Customers feature acts as a light weight CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature and allows you to save important contact and other info about your customers and is a prerequisite for Invoices in flowlog. This allows for more insight into your books, as Entries can now be tied to Customers via Invoices. You can also view all the Invoices relating to a given Customer, all on one page.

Vendors: the Vendors feature is very similar to the Customers feature except that a vendor in flowlog is someone you obtain services or products from, and is a prerequisite for using the Bills feature of flowlog. You can also view bills by Vendor, just like Customers and Invoices.

Invoices: Invoices in flowlog are a way to unify, simplify and automate bookkeeping and customer relations. When you create an Invoice or mark it "paid", depending on your books accounting method, flowlog will create the necessary bookkeeping entry and entry items for you. These are standard entries to flowlog and you can view them the same as if you had created them manually. If you enable notification for an Invoice, flowlog will send an email notification that contains a unique url for your customer to visit, which will allow them to view and/or pay the invoice using Cryptocurrency via and/or USD via Paypal. Invoices are quick to use, and the form sums up the rows, calculates the sales tax, subtotal and total for you as you fill it in. Invoices can be set to recur on a particular frequency and flowlog will generate the new invoice, send any required notification and perform the necessary bookkeeping on your behalf. Once you set this up for a recurring invoice the whole process is on autopilot. You can even set an invoice to "autopay" and flowlog will mark it paid for you on the date you set each time, and perform the required bookkeeping. If an invoice is not paid for a long time, and you want to write it off as bad debt, just click the bad debt button and flowlog will handle that too.

Bills: Bills are just like Invoices except they are what you paid or owe (depending on circumstance/accounting method) to one of your vendors. Also, if you enable notifications you will receive an email reminder that the bill is due, instead of the email going out to someone else. Bills can be automated as recurring bills and/or autopaid too.

Please see the Docs, Screencasts (we are in the process of adding these now), and the Help Text (built into the form fields of flowlog) for full details relating to this feature set. We hope they make your life easier, and as always, we appreciate your feedback. flowlog members should feel free to ask questions in the forum or post issues in the tracker if the first line resources don't solve your issue, or you want to request a feature.

Thanks for reading!

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Originally Posted 3 years ago
Last updated 3 years ago